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>> last week when president obama made a surprise trip to afghanistan he told troops you're achieving you're objective then asked them what is that like? >> the full report must admit that one. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. make sure you check out our facebook fan page. the o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington. day. you know who watches it every day? >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- a bunch of hackers attack financial web sites like mastercard in retaliation for the arrest of julian assange. the wikileaks guy. cyber wars are now real. we will have a special report. >> i have made serious mistakes. i brought it on myself. >> bill: congressman charlie
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rangel will answer the no spin zone. we have lots of questions for him! don't miss this one. >> so when those to me dumb rumors come up that you are gay. >> uh-huh. >> what do you say? >> bill: barbara walters will be here. why did she ask oprah if she's a lesbian? do you think that question was appropriate? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. congressman charles rangel, our lead guest coming up shortly. first, a talking points memo. cyber wars. it is now clear that the wikileaks crew, the people who support julian assange in exposing secret documents are an anti-american bunch. after assange was arrested in britain tuesday, the hackers went to work trying to damage financial web sites like mastercard and visa.
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they call themselves cyber anarchists and they hate capitalism. so far, authorities have made one arrest, a teenager in holland. assange is the leader of the pack but says he's simply exposing world corruption. sure, and i'm justin bieber. most important aspect of the story is waging war on the net. that's a coming danger to the world. as we reported, billo' was attacked by a man named mitchell frost, a student at the university of akron. he tried to bring down the web site and failed. it cost us a lot of money. thankfully, the authorities investigated, arrested frost and he was convicted in court and sentenced to 30 months in a federal prison followed by extensive probation but there are thousands of frosts all over the world. people who are willing to attack a software of perceived opponents and since the world now runs in cyberspace, this is becoming a huge problem. talking points has been calling for a federal cyber police force for many years and now that must become a top priority. in the future, terrorists and anarchists will use the net to try to destroy our way of life.
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count on it. and that's a memo. now for the top story tonight. congressman charles rangel. last week, he was censured by the house for failing to pay taxes on rental income among other things. mr. rangel has served in the house for 40 years and was re-elected last november despite president obama saying this before the vote. >> i think charlie rangel served a very long time and served his constituents very well. but these allegations are very troubling and, you know, he's somebody who is at the end of his career, 80 years old. i'm sure that what he wants is to be able to end his career with dignity and my hope is that happens. >> bill: joining us from capitol hill is congressman rangel. how do you react to the president's assessment? >> well, it's a little awkward that he would be able to know what i would figure is dignity but i think it's safe to say that i've been working so
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closely with him before and after that just left him yesterday and received accolades for the work i've been able to do for the black farmers as well as native americans so i really think i better concentrate on the challenges that are going to be ahead rather than evaluate the president of the united states especially when he's asking me to vote on a package that's going to be very difficult. >> bill: look, you were a very loyal supporter of the president's. and it must have been very personally hurtful to you when he said those things. is that true? >> let me make it clear. maybe it's because i'm 80 years old but it's very difficult for me to be hurtful because a politician has said -- >> bill: he was more than a politician to you. you mentored him a little bit, come on, you know. you're telling me you don't care that he said that? >> i am telling you that i have
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far more important problems at that time to deal with than the president -- you know, the president did not affect my vote one bit and the district, got over 80% of the vote. certainly didn't influence -- i mean, sure, everyone likes to be liked but i don't have time to do that. >> bill: why do you think the people in harlem voted for you despite all the problems that you had financially and why -- did they say well, we don't care that our congressman -- why? why would they vote you back into office when in a lot of districts you would have been toast? >> well, because there was some allegations made about -- >> bill: there was enough truth to the allegations. why would these people vote for you if you're in trouble, you know, this is a pretty big deal. why would they vote for you? auto you've a great reputation of letting people answer questions. >> bill: you got to answer the question, not the question you want to answer. >> no, no, no, no.
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i said there were allegations made against me in the newspapers. these allegations inferred corruption and financial problems that said i was trying not to disclose or tell the truth. i would submit to you this was not proven. i was the one -- >> bill: that's the fact. >> let me just finish, bill. bill! >> bill: come on. >> the fact is that the committee report after two years of investigation said rangel, there's no evidence of any corruption and there's no evidence of any -- >> bill: why were you sanctioned in your opinion? >> it's not my opinion! >> bill: why? >> it was not my opinion, the facts were that i violated the house rules and i never denied that. i never denied that. >> bill: all right. i don't want to try it on here. >> you can try all you want. all i ask you to do is go to the web site and at least know what's in the report. >> bill: you think the majority of the constituents felt you
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didn't do anything wrong so they voted for you. >> hell no, i didn't say that. i'm surprised you're taking this approach because anyone -- >> bill: why did they vote for you? >> because they vote i would be the best person to represent them in the united states congress. that's simple. >> bill: simple as that. ok. i got a lot of e-mails that say charles rangel didn't pay tax on income that he derived from renting his villa in dominican republic. so why can't i do that? why can't i try to get away with it? i'm saying, this is the e-mail i'm getting. so why can't i do that and then if i get caught, then i can say oh, it was a terrible mistake. >> i don't know what you can do or why you can't do but the fact of the matter was that i did pay taxes on that property. the taxes was paid to the dominican republic. whatever income came from that property, i never received any cash at all. >> bill: you're going to tell these people in the e-mail you didn't do anything wrong.
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>> i didn't say that, bill. my god, you're -- >> bill: tell me what's going on. >> well, i'm answering your questions. >> bill: this isn't a marathon, come on, congressman. >> i have been found guilty of sloppiness in terms of the filings. but there was no evidence of intent to deceive anybody. i filed my taxes every day like every -- i mean, every year like every citizen should. the fact that there was no cash coming to me from the dominican republic, the fact that taxes were collected off the place in the dominican republic, it was paid to them and i should have taken that, filed it and deducted that and i wouldn't have had liability. >> bill: that's your story and you're entitled to tell it. >> it's not my story. it's two years of investigation. i don't know why you're so afraid to go to the report. >> bill: i don't want to try this here. i think you're diminishing --
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with all due respect, we've had a long relationship here. and i like you. i like you. i think you're diminishing, you're diminishing the seriousness of this situation. i could be wrong. >> violating house rules is a serious violation. and those of us who are senior have a higher obligation to make certain that the younger members realize that those rules there are to protect the members and to protect the house. >> bill: salutabsolutely. you are the leaders of the country. i have to get one question in on the tax compromise deal. i don't have the time. we're bumping up against an eight minute segment. >> i understand. i welcome the opportunity to come back when you do have time. >> bill: absolutely. we'll have you back very, very soon. are you voting for this tax compromise? are you going to vote for that? >> today, we sent back the senate resolution and we want to be involved in the negotiation to see what's there. nancy pelosi set out the thinking of the democratic
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caucus. we were not at the table. the constitution said all tax laws are emanating from the ways and means committee. >> bill: are you going to vote for the compromise as it is now or you're not? >> we won't get a chance to vote on this because we're not taking it up. we want to negotiate something and we don't know what we want to vote for so if we're not at the table and i don't know how many different ways to say it. >> bill: make a prediction, then. >> the house -- >> bill: make a prediction. will president obama get the compromise he seeks? yes or no? >> i can't answer that because what he has brought before us is not going to be taken up by the house of representatives. >> bill: all right. no prediction. >> at this time. >> bill: i think he's going to get it, his compromise. i'll make the prediction and, i know you want. if he doesn't, i was going to bet you dinner. >> you can still do that. >> bill: how can i do that? how can i get you to dinner? >> don't have to vote, bill. i do. and i have to be able to explain
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my vote. >> bill: the dinner would be tax deductible because it's a business expense. >> you're cute. that's why you're such a great tv personality. >> bill: we'll have you back in a little while. congressman, we appreciate you coming on. >> well, i look forward to coming back. >> bill: all right. next on the rundown, laura ingraham will react to congressman rangel. [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry in south america? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and other information to read and consider carefully before investing.
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>> bill: continuing with our lead story, congressman charlie rangel and democrats struggling with the obama tax compromise fortunately of. joining us from washington, laura ingraham so i just heard congressman rangel. what say you? >> what is your dinner with him? >> bill: he didn't make the prediction so i couldn't take him out. >> he basically for the most part laughed off your question, ok? >> bill: he diverted. he did the rope-a-dope. he put his hands out and wanted to run out the clock. >> you'll be tougher on me in this interview than you were on him. he didn't answer a single question. a single question! >> bill: let me just explain because you're not wrong in saying that. you're not wrong in saying that. what your observation is is absolutely correct, miss laura is correct but by evading and by doing -- trying to run out the
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clock, all right, he shows the audience who he is. now, i could have gone and called him a pinhead and i could have done that. but i'd rather let him reveal himself to our audience. who is smart enough to know what he's doing. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. look, here's what we know, ok? charlie rangel is head of the tax writing committee in the house of representatives. for years and years, right? so he was responsible for making all of us accountable so we pay our taxes. we have a certain tax rate, all the rest. turns out that this guy didn't think the rules really applied to him. he was issued a stinging rebuke by his fellow democrats. ok? by his fellow democrats for the way he treated the house rules. he comes out of that stinging rebuke, the censure and he basically says in "the new york times" quoted it well, a lot of this was political. that it was political theater. now, if that's not an arrogant and basically irresponsible attitude on the part of someone who is supposed to be held,
11:16 pm
frankly, to a higher standard than the rest of us, i don't know what is. >> bill: i said that to him. he's trying to diminish the charges against him and it wasn't right. i said that. >> you know what else he said? he was asked by the washington times about, you know, look, average citizens, if they did the same kind of stuff, they probably would get more than a censure, right? >> bill: i asked him that. >> well, i don't deal in average citizens. it is the most arrogant and i'm so tired of charlie rangel getting away with, oh, well, he was a korean war veteran and he's a nice guy and we love charlie rangel. we're not about that. we're about people, you know, standing up, taking responsibility without any of these cutesy, you know, oh, don't look at me. it was just a good faith mistake. it wasn't a good faith mistake. he knew exactly what he was doing. >> bill: ok. that's why we have you on afterwards to supply that kind of analysis. but i'm not going to sit here and insult the man. i'm going to let the man -- >> don't have to insult him. his own words insulted him. >> bill: he said what he said
11:17 pm
and our audience i'm sure calibrat calibrated. >> agrees with me. >> bill: i think they agree with you. i absolutely think that. in london, we have, you know, i guess thousands, maybe tens of thousands of people in the street protesting the tuition rise in colleges over there and burning charles' car, you know, all kinds of crazy stuff. yesterday, or the day -- no, i think it was yesterday, bernie sanders, senator from vermont said people should take to the streets here in the united states because of this tax compromise. do you think sanders is trying to incite violence? >> look, if glenn beck said something like that, they'd be crucifying beck, right? they have for similar things that he said. so, you know, sanders can say that and everybody just elicits a collective yawn and says that's typical bernie. what this does illustrate is when the government gets big enough and it becomes the mommy, daddy and nanny state and the whole kit and kaboodle and the
11:18 pm
bennies gets peeled away one after another. you're not going to give me all these -- whoa, whoa, whoa, they start going bananas and they start going nuts. >> bill: did you get any stipend for room and board when you were in college? >> i got some scholarships based on need. >> bill: i had more need than anyone. i was an idiot. >> oh, yeah. >> bill: i didn't get anything. >> i got some academic scholarships and some need-based scholarships but i wouldn't be taking to the streets. poor old prince charles. doesn't he have a wedding to plan and they're pelting his car? i mean, what does that guy have to do with anything? >> bill: all right, laura, thanks very much. as always. directly ahead, megyn kelly and congressman anthony wiener had a shootout yesterday. and then barbara walters on the most fascinating people of 2010 and why she asked oprah about her sex life coming right back. i couldn't concei this as a heart attack.
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>> bill: as you may know, megan anchors a two hour live broadcast at 1:00 in the arch called "america live". yesterday she spoke with anthony wiener about taxes. >> fib work all my life and i pay my taxes on my income and then i die and i want to pass on what would be great if it were a $5 million estate to my kids, why should i pay the government and why should there be a 35%, 55% tax on that. >> you aren't paying anything in that case because you're dead. >> the estate is, left for my children. >> the only question is -- look. >> no, answer my question. how is that fair? >> megyn, you'll have to let me answer the question. we'll have a conversation that gets us anywhere. >> go ahead. >> only question here is not whether or not there should be a tax on that. the question is where the limits should be and how much. >> no, i'll ask the question. you're not answering. tell me how is it fair?
11:23 pm
>> ready? >> bill: here now, megyn kelly. look, this is interesting. he did what rangel did. you know, at the top of the program. basically not going to answer the question. your question. he's going to answer whatever question. >> he didn't want to answer why it's fair. >> bill: what i would have brought into him and you wouldn't have gotten an answer anyway. this is a seizure of private property. that's what it is. as you rightly pointed out, it's already been taxed. this is a double tax. >> right and his answer was no, it isn't, because you pay taxs on it but your children haven't paid taxes on it. >> bill: you're dead. >> they're going to get hit. one and one doesn't equal two. >> bill: all you wanted to do is how is this fair? >> justify it. yeah, go ahead and justify it. >> bill: he didn't want to do that. >> no because, you know, the basic philosophy is and i've read a lot about this is it's basically a wealth redistribution policy. they say we take from the super rich and it's not unfair because
11:24 pm
we don't take that much from the super rich and we feel like -- >> bill: do you understand the philosophical justification behind it. he could have gone to that. the philosophical justification for the liberal community is you owe it to your country because your country provided you the opportunity of becoming a zillionaire. >> they say that and they say they don't want a bunch of paris hiltons running around. look what happens when you have these rich people leaving their estates to their rich kids. >> bill: that's not their job. >> that's the question we have to ask ourselves in this country. is it uncle sam's place to decide if your kids should be a paris hilton. >> bill: one of the big ones he couldn't answer is the private property confiscation. it isn't about cash. we're talking about houses, farms, businesses. >> he says look, o'reilly, you got, you know, $5 or $10 million estate, your kids get that when you die, it's like winning the lottery and the same as charging your kids at winning $10 million
11:25 pm
at the black jack table, they should have to pay taxes on that. >> bill: there isn't any private property involved in the lottery except for your ticket. here you have private -- >> never paid taxes on it. that's money that's untaxed until it gets taxed. >> bill: and the government has a right to tax those kinds of things but the government says, the liberals say we have a right to double tax you, number one, double tax you, and if you don't have the cash, we have a right to make you sell your farm. >> that's what happens. in the wake of that interview, i got a ton of e-mails from farmers who say we get pinched on this. >> bill: right, it's not assessment on land. it's an assessment on housing. don't have the cash. >> the kids have to sell off the property. they can't keep it. >> bill: that's a seizure of private property. that's why it's unconstitutional. >> they talk about how we can't afford it and we need the money for the deficit. >> bill: when he did that look at the end. how dumb is this? you know, i would have called him a pinhead. you know me. all right? i would have called him a
11:26 pm
pinhead or cracked wise like i did with rangel. i would have done something like that. i would have sunk to his level. all right? not you, you chose not to do that. why? >> i just figured his attitude spoke for itself. >> bill: that's what i did with charles rangel. >> with rangel. i think that the viewers can make up their own mind about anthony wiener without me. >> bill: he was insulting to you, though. >> he definitely was frustrated with me and a bit condescending towards me. it isn't my job to necessarily react to that. >> bill: did you want to, though? in private, you would have. >> it depends, yeah. >> bill: off camera, you would have slammed him. >> even on the air as our viewers know, sometimes i've gotten very fiery and being pregnant, i'm kind of hormonal. you never know what you're going to get including right now, o'reilly. >> bill: you've been pretty tough on me once and a while. >> i have. >> bill: and you always lose but you're still tough. >> you're so silly. i just thought he's being condescending, what am i going to say?
11:27 pm
if he he wants to be a jerk, he can be a jerk. >> bill: you could have said, don't you -- congressman, don't you think you're being a little consending here and is there sexism involved? whoa, whoa. >> bring out the sexism card. >> bill: drop the bomb on him! that little thing and he's going to start to cry and say i'm pregnant and hormonal and you -- >> poor little me. i can't defend -- our viewers know i can't defend myself. they shouldn't pick on me. >> bill: ok, you had a lot of weapons you chose not to use. >> i've never considered that. >> bill: megyn kelly, there she is. trying to move along and glenn beck says there's a lot behind the scenes that we don't know about in the obama tax compromise. the g man will be here. barbara walters in the no spin zone.
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>> bill: segment tonight this evening at so:00 p.m., barbara walters hosts her annual most fascinating people special on abc. before that, she has another show featuring oprah winfrey. >> when those dumb rumors come up that you are gay, what do you say? >> well, i have said we are not gay enough times. i am not lesbian. i am not even kind of lesbian. and the reason why it irritates me is because it means that somebody must think i'm lying. that's number 1. number 2, why would you want to hide it? that is not the way i run my life. >> bill: here now is barbara walters. you think that was an appropriate question asking her about that kind of stuff? >> yes, i do. i believe that i do. if she were trying to keep it a
11:32 pm
secret and i said, tell me about your sexuality years ago, i pushed ricky martin and it was a mistake because he was trying to keep it a secret. if you were trying to keep it a secret, bill, i wouldn't ask you. promise. >> bill: trying to keep what a secret, that i'm gay? >> if you were trying to keep it a secret. >> bill: am i gay? if i am, i really have been on the wrong track for all these years. here's my point. >> wait a minute. you asked me a question. she talks about her relationship with gayle king and you know, they are best friends so i asked her about that and she started to cry and then she talked about it. and i asked her about stedman who for the most part i didn't even know that their relationship -- >> bill: he's the attorney general of the united states. have you ever seen him and holder together? >> yeah. like i say, he's taller. he never has talked -- rarely talks about stedman. but i haven't finished. so why do you ask me if you
11:33 pm
know? you brought was it an appropriate question? >> bill: i wish that you and all the other celebrity interviewers wouldn't ask those questions. >> you think that's what i am? >> bill: i think you're a journalist but you do a lot of celebrity interviews. >> so do you. >> bill: i don't do many. we don't have a lot of the pinheads on anymore. they don't have a lot to say. it makes me queasy that a person likeprah winfrey has to answer those kinds of questions. >> she doesn't have to answer. on the special, you will hear gayle king jokingly comment about it, you know. >> bill: i wish we didn't have to do that. >> i think she was happy to be able to talk about it. >> bill: she was pleased? >> yes, i think she was. >> bill: now, on your fascinating people list, you have the jersey shore crew. that's snooki and the situation. would you please explain to me and my audience, vast audience, why these people are fascinating? >> this was, i think, mtv's largest, most successful reality show in history.
11:34 pm
>> bill: yeah. >> i grant you, to go from interviewing the president of the united states and the first lady a week ago as i did to the jersey shore, you might say that's a little bit of a -- >> bill: it shows you're versatile. >> but they have been -- they are fascinating. >> bill: why are they fascinating? >> because the 10 most fascinating people is about people who have accomplished something and made news in the last year like betty white, justin bieber. >> bill: it's not that they're fascinating. it's that they get a lot of press. >> but they are. >> bill: tell me why you think these pinheads are fascinating. >> because it is something that's the most successful reality show in history, that to me is fascinating. why are they? what are they like? are they intelligent? what kind of an example are they for the rest of the country? >> bill: because they were successful, you wanted to find out why. >> but that's part of it. what effect have they had in this country? >> bill: everybody has tattoos now. >> that's not what they're known for is their tattoos. >> bill: no, i don't know.
11:35 pm
i've never watched the show. i know who they are and i don't know if they're fascinating but you have sarah palin in there. that's kind of predictable. you had to throw in that conservative. >> no, i didn't do it because -- i'm sorry, i'm not having one democrat. i don't think of their political affiliations. no. we had her on for three years because whatever you think of her, the woman is fascinating. and by the way, her husband comes on, too. >> bill: you didn't ask her if she's a lesbian, though, did you? >> it wasn't pertinent and something that had come on. stop giving me a hard time, billy. >> bill: you were on letterman last night. i have to go on letterman tonight. >> i love you but i love him more. >> bill: you love letterman more? >> i do. >> bill: political persuasion. he called me a jughead. he called me a jughead. >> you go on all the time. >> bill: you didn't stick up for me. >> i should stick up for you? >> bill: yeah! >> little sweet billy? >> bill: you bet. i need somebody like you to stick up for me and put him in
11:36 pm
his place. >> i'll stick up for you the next time. stick up for you with whoopi and joy? yes. >> bill: you were on last night and i'm on tonight. what advice do you have for me going into letterman? >> let him tell the jokes. >> bill: don't do any stuff. >> i would say this, don't come on and try to be funny. >> bill: ok. i never do that. >> no, that's why it's good because letterman would like to talk to you about politics. he loves that. he really is a man who could be a journalist. he's very curious. >> bill: i shouldn't ask him any questions or anything like that. >> come on and be your sweet adorable self. >> bill: i was thinking about asking him if he's a lesbian. i wouldn't do that. >> it would be interesting. try to make him cry. >> bill: you know, if the only way i can make letterman cry is if i nail his foot to the floor. he's a tough guy. all right. barbara walters, got two hours on abc tonight. two! got oprah at 9:00 and the fascinating at 10:00 and thanks for coming in and taking all my nonsense. nice to see you. when we come back, glenn beck on
11:37 pm
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly and the at your beck and call segment tonight. the g man is on the road so we're doing his segment one day early. on the beck program, they had been discussing the obama tax compromise so that's where we begin this evening. so you look at things a little bit differently than i do. >> that is the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me. really, it is. you're just like you're unhinged, man. >> bill: so in this tax hike compromise. >> yeah. >> bill: we're not going to get it. it's going to be the same tax rate that we've been paying for the last seven years. >> right. >> bill: if it passes and i think it will. but you see something behind that, don't you? >> no, i think the -- i think what you're seeing on the left
11:41 pm
is a play of, oh, president obama, you've abandoned us because we played back in -- i think it was july video from van jones at this big leftist convention. i think it was out in l.a. and it was all these socialist and radicals and everything else and he was talking -- he said about two things. he said listen, the president is committed to your agenda. but you're gonna have to force him to do the things he knows he has to do. >> bill: how can you be committed and you have to force somebody. >> because he knows the american people. >> bill: won't want it. >> won't want it so you force them. later, they talked about, van jones did, about a bottom up, top down inside-out theory. this bothered me. it struck me and i didn't know what it was and we did some investigation and we did some homework on it and then also, we found it when we were doing homework on george soros. we found it actually from an old
11:42 pm
congressional record that was never supposed to come out. it came out, i think, in the late 1960's from the 1948 revolution in czechoslovakia. and what this was is radicals, communist radicals got into the government and they were all in the government. then they were orchestrating the riots on the street so the average person in czechoslovakia felt unsettled. they didn't know what to do and they reached out and said help us. help us stop this. bottom rose up, top came down and transferred into a communist society. >> bill: but in this 24/7 news cycle, that's not going to happen. i told you that a number of times. >> there's a lot of people that -- nobody has reported, nobody, bill, fox is the closest thing, there are so many radicals and communists that are on record. there's trumpka that is talking about this kind of stuff. there are all of these radicals talking about it and no one will cover it. >> bill: i don't see a big difference now and 30 years ago.
11:43 pm
always been communists. there's always been people. >> you're right. in the 1960's what you're preparing for now is 1968 but you have the obama administration in power. >> bill: i don't think he's got the heart for it. i don't think he's got the heart for it, barack obama. you may be right that his instincts -- >> rise up and let him do what he knows he must. >> bill: you might be right that his instincts are in the social justice area. i agree with that, ok? i don't think he's as militant, you would have to be as a president to get any of this stuff. >> i pray you're right. >> bill: you know i usually am so your prayers may be answered. >> i don't know. in between the two of us? i mean, really, seriously. no really, has the world come my way or your world? has the world? i've talked about the riots in europe. a year before. talked about -- >> bill: you are a seer. >> now he's mocking me. now he's mocking. >> bill: i want you to make -- >> destroy him now, too.
11:44 pm
i know he is. for years. >> bill: still here. >> that gives me hope. >> bill: this is year 14. still here. as a seer, what people are most concerned about. >> give me your palm. >> bill: i won't let you touch me. that's never gonna happen. what people are most concerned about is a double dip recession that, you know, the economy is going to slide back and it's going to be 12.8%. do you see that happening? >> yes. here's what i think it's going to come. i think you're going to see more struggle right at the poverty line. going to start seeing creep into the average home of the people who are struggling, hard-working people because food prices are going to increase. >> bill: that's possible. >> food prices are going to increase. >> bill: gas is already up big. >> exactly right. >> bill: troubling thing for you is you see the prices rising but not wages and that's going to cause an awful lot of -- >> wages aren't going to increase. more regulation is coming. >> bill: you know who will be
11:45 pm
blamed for that? president obama so therefore, his political career if that happens is over. last word on beck. >> i disagree, bill. >> bill: you don't think obama will be blamed for that? >> i think he'll be blamed by half of the americans. and the other half is going to say no and worst part, if you have about 10% of this nation that's ready to fight. and that's where the real trouble -- that's bottom up. top down. inside out. >> bill: glenn beck, everybody. by the way, we have the greatest -- i mean, greatest $20 christmas gift ever and beck has something to do with it. check it out. up next, the great american news quiz tonight starring katy perry and wesley snipes going to prison. right back. ♪
11:46 pm
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>> bill: back with the segment tonight, great american news quiz and here they are, the always first fox news anchors, martha maccallum playing for scott from honolulu and the reliably astute steve doocy representing buryl from colorado. if you want to win great prizes, simply sign up. we have some fuzzy thing going on on the show today. >> i said bill is going to mention my -- you know what? we have our party across street tonight. >> bill: is that right? the maccallum christmas party. >> america newsroom christmas party. >> bill: not invited, were you? >> no. right now, america's booze room party. >> bill: here is the first question according to a new gallup survey, john kennedy still has the highest job approval rating of any modern day president, stands at 85%. kennedy was the youngest american president ever elected. who was the oldest? a, ronned reagan. b, william harrison, c, dwight eisenhower and woodrow wilson, oldest president ever elected.
11:50 pm
cards up, please. roll the tape. >> we can't afford to believe that we will never be threatened. there have been two world wars in my lifetime. we didn't start them and indeed did everything we could to avoid being drawn into them. but we were ill prepared for both. had we been better prepared, peace might have been preserved. >> bill: ronald reagan is the elected president. question 2, royal memorabilia always popular. at a recent auction might have gone too far, however. auctioneers hope to debt $9,000 for what item formerly used by queen elizabeth ii. a, her dentures, b, her underwear, c, the toothbrush and d the hairbrush. cards up, please. roll the tape. >> a florida man listen to this, auctioning off a pair of underwear that once belonged to queen elizabeth. see that on the news? actually, you know where they were found, on stage after a justin bieber concert. >> bill: good line. they were wrong! the quiz kids said the
11:51 pm
toothbrush. it's underwear. all right. >> bloopers. >> bill: it's tied 1-1. katy perry appeared in a recent outfit again with puppets. this time on "the simpsons." pop star, katy perry? >> what are you people doing in my boyfriend mo's bachelor pad? >> that's right. she's into puppets. >> bill: now, miss perry's outfit choices are surprising especially because her former job was what? a, librarian. b, gospel singer. c, mormon missionary and d, clothing designer. her former job. cards up, please. and the answer is b. gospel singer. all right. got one right, two wrong. still tied. here is question number four. wesley snipes finally run out of appeals on his tax evasion conviction and reported to jail today to begin a three year sentence. earlier this week, snipes said
11:52 pm
it was unfair. >> it's been presented as though he's getting his just due. i've been a law abiding citizen ever since i grew up in the bronx, new york. i think that all of us as americans are due process and have a right to a fair trial. >> bill: that's what he got, of course. so what wesley snipes movie has the highest u.s. box office gross? a, "demolition man." b, blade. c, blade 2. d, "white man can't jump." highest grossing snipes move wri and the answer is -- oh! doocy! he didn't know. he didn't know. he guessed. >> it was a far better movie than "blade." that's for sure. >> bill: 1,000 more people got killed by the vampires in "blade 2." i've never seen it. >> you have not. i've never seen it either. >> bill: one more to go.
11:53 pm
this week marks the anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. >> it must never happen again! 2343 american service military died in the inferno. the movie crew was asked to hold up their release for a year that the japanese might not know the awful damage they inflicted. >> bill: what's the name of the u.s. battleship that remains underwater in pearl harbor which is in hawaii. uss massachusetts, uss new hampshire, uss new york, uss arizona. name of the battleship? that's correct. doocy wins. doocy wins. that means beryl from colorado. don't worry, scott. you get some stuff, too. all right. good going. we appreciate it. pinheads and patriots on deck this time starring jim morrison tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours. but aleve can last 12 hours.
11:54 pm
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the website we'll give you free stuff. looks like we'll give $400,000 in charity thanks to you guys. we hope you continue to support the christmas store. now the mail: >> bill: how could you know that? how many have to die at the hands of young people before you wise up? in the age of terror we must give the been fit of the dut to law enforcement and others trying to protect us. >> bill: does the word veto mean anything to you chris? the president has that power.
11:58 pm
this compromise is what is best for the folks. >> bill: i favor a flat tax, but in the meantime i'm willing to pay more than my fair share to help the country. >> because of the election ted, they didn't want to anger their base they knew they were in enough trouble. >> bill: no doubt jake they are patriots, enjoy the book. finally pinheads and patriots tv time. in the 60s jim morrison one of the most popular rock idols in the world. ♪ ♪
11:59 pm
come on baby light my fire ♪ >> bill: he was insane. he died at age 27 from an overdose of drugs in paris. he was convicted in florida of indecent exposure. governor crist has pardoned morrison. is the governor a pinhead or pate quit for doing that? >> last night we told you about jane fonda exercising. 42% think she's a patriot for encouraging seniors to work-out. 58% say miss fonda is a pinhead, no matter what she does. check out the fox news factor website different from we would like you to spout off about the factor name a town if you wish to opine. when writing to the factor

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